Install ZWIFT COG & CLICK on existing Wahoo Kickr Core v5

It's an entirely new driving experience. Virtual Shifting without chain jumps under full load is simply awesome. It has never been easier to switch between TT, Road Bike, Gravel or MTB on the Kickr. This upgrade kit is a no-brainer.

By Eva
February 14, 2024
Install ZWIFT COG & CLICK on existing Wahoo Kickr Core v5

When I saw the ZWIFT COG + CLICK UPGRADE KIT I directly asked myself if I can install it on my Kickr Core. I reached out to the Zwift-Support immediately, to get further details. Thy replied quickly, but the answer was "... sorry, currently not supported ...".

It was difficult to accept it. Let's challenge it. So I ordered two for our Kickrs. The order arrived via UPS on the next day, and YES, it works just fine. It took me just 10 minutes to install it.

If you want to follow the instructions, you should have a Wahoo Kickr Core v5 with the default Shimano Hub installed and the removal tools. For those who do not have the tools, I have provided links at the end.

Of course, there is no guaranty for this process, all you do is on your own risk. If you are unsure about what you are doing, ask your dealer if he can carry out the conversion for you. If you need a dealer near Frankfurt / Main, I would recommend this one.

How to install ZWIFT COG

  1. Update the Firmware of your Kicker Core to version 1.3.17. which supports ZWIFT CLICK


  3. Unpack the UPGRADE KIT and remove the hub from the ZWIFT COG with your tools

  4. Remove the cassette of your Wahoo Kickr Core

  5. Add the ZWIFT COG on your Kickr Shimano Hub and tighten the screw tightly

  6. Start the ZWIFT App and click on the ZWIFT CLICK to connect it

  7. Sometimes you need to go to the ZWIFT settings and enable virtual shifting separately

Tools for installation

Some Details

ZWIFT COG unmounted

ZWIFT COG consists of five main parts. The hub, top left in the picture, needs to be removed. This hub is for ZWIFT Trainers only. But you can install the other parts easily on the Wahoo Kickr Cores default Shimano Hub.


Here, the ZWIFT COG is installed on my 2-year-old Kickr Core v5. 10 minutes of mounting time. It works perfectly fine, and mounting a bike on the Kickr also becomes a lot easier with the ZWIFT COG.

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