From Complexity to Simplicity: HelpSpace's Mailcoach Newsletter Experience

By John
December 13, 2023
From Complexity to Simplicity: HelpSpace's Mailcoach Newsletter Experience

Our journey with Mailcoach began one year ago when we sought a better solution to send our newsletters. Previously, we used a comprehensive but complicated newsletter software. Still, the complexity of this solution and the fact that it was hosted outside the EU made us concerned about European data protection regulations.

Then, something happened that steered our search for a better solution in the right direction. We were in contact with Freak van der Herten from Spatie because he was interested in a customer support solution. We looked at his newsletter software to see if it was the right solution for us.

From the very first look at the software, we felt at ease. Mailcoach felt uncomplicated and easy to use. The user interface was clearly structured, and the software had exactly the functions we needed. Ultimately, we needed to maintain our subscriber lists, easily create and design newsletters, and send messages.

Mailcoach was particularly attractive to us because it didn't require complicated instructions or extensive training. The software was so intuitive that we found our way around it quickly. This saved us not only time but also frustration. editor in Mailcoach

We have been using Mailcoach for our newsletter distribution ever since. The software has proven extremely reliable, and we have no problems creating and sending our newsletters. Thanks to Mailcoach, we can keep our customers informed about important events, developments, interesting articles, and other information.

Another advantage is that it is hosted in the European Union, eliminating our data protection concerns. We now have peace of mind that our data is being handled securely and is fully GDPR-compliant.

Overall, we are pleased with the newsletter solution. If anyone is looking for an easy-to-use solution to manage newsletters at a fair price and hosted in the EU, they should look at Mailcoach.

You can try it out for 14 days for free without needing a credit card: