What about website analytics?

Let's get rid of the annoying cookie notice.

By Stefan
May 2, 2021
What about website analytics?

A while ago, we were brainstorming about website analytics. How many visitors are on our website? Where are they coming from? What is their favorite content?

We started off by using Google Analytics, since it's the most common choice out there when it comes to gathering website usage data. The downside is that if you use Google Analytics, you need to add a cookie notice to your website, which is not only annoying but also looks like we treat privacy as a second thought.

We decided to remove Google Analytics entirely and look for another tool that is more in line with our privacy concerns. We heard about Fathom a while ago and wanted to give it a try now. Fathom is a simple, light-weight, privacy-first analytics tool. They do not collect any personal data, do not set cookies and the app is GDPR, PECR, CCPA compliant. The integration was very easy, and our cookie notice is history now.

Here is what we like about Fathom:

  • Fathom doesn’t collect any personal data

  • Fathom is GDPR, PECR, and CCPA compliant

  • No cookies. No cookie notices!

  • Everything needed on one single screen

  • Very clear pricing plans

  • Multiple sites with only one plan

  • Very clean and simple Dashboard

Fathom Single Screen Dashboard

Learn how our dashboard works (video)

How to integrate Fathom into your HelpSpace Docs?

It's very easy and only takes a second. Here is how it works.