HelpSpace vs. Front

By Eva
August 9, 2021
HelpSpace vs. Front

Around 68% of the customers say they’re willing to pay more if a brand offers them good customer service. While this number may seem astounding at first, it’s absolutely correct. In fact, 89% of the customers end up making a repeat purchase if they’ve had a good customer service experience.

So, you can see the pattern here. You offer good support, the customer returns for another purchase or pays higher for your services, and you generate decent revenue.

However, offering good customer service can be a challenge, especially if you have to deal with a high influx of consumer requests from multiple channels. Fortunately, customer support tools are at your disposal and can help solve this problem.

Among them, HelpSpace and Front are two leading names. Below, we compare both platforms to help you decide which is the better option for your organization.

What is HelpSpace?

HelpSpace is a customer support tool with several valuable features, such as a unified team inbox, documentations, and insights.

On the whole, the support tool is a godsend for companies that deal with a high volume of customer requests daily.

Along with showing customer queries from all channels in one inbox, HelpSpace also allows your customer support team to respond to all concerns conveniently and promptly.

What Can You Do with HelpSpace?

Since it has been designed to be an all-in-one customer service tool, HelpSpace has a number of features that are missing in other software of the same kind. Here are some of these features.

Unified Inbox

Since HelpSpace has a unified inbox, you can receive all your customer queries in one place, irrespective of the channel they are coming from. Thus, it makes the process of responding to these queries easier for your customer support team.

If a certain individual is unable to resolve the concern, they can allocate it to another group member.

Likewise, the Quick Replies feature allows your team to speed up support. Support staff can direct the consumers to the relevant blog post or Doc site instead of typing a long response every time the same question is repeated.

Help Widget

HelpSpace lets you show a Help widget on your website. Since it’s fully customizable, you can keep it as close as possible to the inherent branding of your company.

When customers click or tap this widget, they can receive support from your side.

Knowledge Base

Possibly the most impressive feature of HelpSpace is Docs. Here, you can write blog posts or articles to guide your customers about a product’s specifications, usage, or troubleshooting. The tool allows you to create three types of files, including Document, Help Center, and Blog.

Suppose you offer an online service that requires customers to make an account. In the Help Center, you can write information about creating an account, changing the password, altering the settings, etc.

Meanwhile, the Blog section allows you to update the customers about any new features. Finally, the Documentation feature can be used to inform the customers and employees about matters of importance.

HelpSpace’s knowledge base allows companies to offer self-service to customers, shortening support time and ensuring high satisfaction rates.


Many companies overlook the importance of checking their performance insights. How can you expect to improve your performance if you don’t have a scale to measure it on?

HelpSpace’s Reports function allows you to visualize the performance of your team. Along with showing you the resolved ‘tickets’ or customer queries, it also displays the amount of time taken to help customers and unopened tickets.

What is Front?

Like HelpSpace, Front is also a customer support tool that lets you collaborate easily, enhance customer satisfaction, and lower the burden on your team.

It has an intuitive design with a clean interface that makes it easier for your employees to get on board quickly. Plus, the custom automation feature lets you create workflows to streamline support provision.

What Can You Do With Front?

Here are some features of Front that improve your customer service:

Actionable Data

Front lets you get insights into your support team’s performance. Along with this, you can learn about the rate of customer satisfaction and the effectiveness of communication between employees.

Smart Collaboration

The tool’s features let you draft responses to customer queries as a team. In this way, your support team does not end up duplicating tasks, losing time, or missing any information.

Workflow Creation

You can also create workflows using Front to escalate the customer support process. In this way, you won’t have to start from scratch every time you get a query.

Live Chat

Front also has a Live Chat feature, allowing you to respond to customer concerns in real-time. The Help widget on your website will activate Live Chat for the customers.

How is HelpSpace Better?

HelpSpace is undoubtedly a better option for businesses that want to get all their customer support functionalities in one place.

Along with offering insights, the tool allows you to create documents, add multiple channels, and focus on branding through widget customization. More importantly, HelpSpace offers all these features at a much lower cost than its competitors.

How is Front Better?

Front seems to be lacking some important features, such as customization options. Most importantly, it does not have a knowledge base, which can really set you behind your competition.

However, its Live Chat and unlimited channels or mailboxes make it an ideal option for organizations looking for these features specifically.

HelpSpace vs. Front: Comparison Table




Pricing (10 users)



Additional Mailbox



Docs Site

$15 per site

Not Available




Docs Customization



Ticket Management



Multi-Channel Communication



Automated Routing



Knowledge Base



Final Verdict

As evident from the table, Front is exorbitantly priced while lacking many features that HelpSpace has for a much lower price. Moreover, its knowledge base gives it an upper hand over Front.

Thus, we would crown HelpSpace as the winner of this comparison since it’s priced reasonably and has more features and ease of customization than Front.

Photo by Mel Poole on Unsplash