HelpSpace for Marketing Agencies

By Eva
July 23, 2021
HelpSpace for Marketing Agencies

Customer service is an integral part of the success of any business, but it's even more imperative in the marketing sector because marketeers are responsible for increasing the reach of their clients.

So, if they fail to keep up with their own customer support provisions, it defeats the whole purpose of their inherent responsibility.

That's why customer support tools like HelpSpace are a godsend for marketing companies. Traditionally, customers have been attracted to businesses with fair prices and value for money.

However, today's customer also has a bar for customer service. In fact, 90% of US customers use customer support as a determining factor to decide if they want to purchase or get a service from a company, according to a Microsoft study.

Plus, customers that are happy with a company's support are 38% more likely to recommend the business to others. And we all know how well word-of-mouth works.

So, it's about time marketing companies leverage the potential of HelpSpace to amp up their customer satisfaction.

Importance Of A Customer Support Software For Marketing Companies

Like any other sector, the marketing industry also needs to be on top of its customer support game.

In this era of digital everything, you can't afford not to have a customer support software that will help maximize your client satisfaction efforts.

And with the right customer support software in place, no matter where customers are coming from (email, call center, or social media), they'll be able to receive personalized assistance and speedy response.

Moreover, since every business is different in terms of size and structure - which means there's no single solution that fits all needs as far as CRM goes- companies must look into what type of system works best for them.

In this way, the customer gets an experience tailored just for them. Here's why marketing companies need customer support software:

Stay Up To Date

The marketing world is dynamic. As the trends change, so does the marketing strategy. Therefore, marketers need to make sure they're always up to date with the latest changes.

On the flip side, this dynamic workflow also means more customer queries since clients aren't as quick to keep up with the changing times.

With HelpSpace's Docs and blog posts, marketing agencies can ensure their clients are aware timely of any changes. Instead of replying to each query separately, marketers can simply curate a document, highlighting any updates or changes.

HelpSpace also has a search bar functionality that lets the users search for the appropriate document or blog post in the answer editor - and that too without leaving the page.

Acknowledge Customers

In the marketing sector, you cannot afford to delay responses to any customer query because clients need prompt solutions to their problems.

A service like HelpSpace makes sure that you can respond to queries in minutes, if not seconds. Along with Docs, HelpSpace also allows you to acknowledge each customer individually, solving their particular queries.

For instance, let's say you roll out a new branding strategy. How can you make sure your clients are on the same page as you?

Fortunately, HelpSpace has a Help Center where you can answer all the common questions so that your customers don't have to wait to get a reply from you.

Additionally, if it's a complex query, your customer support team can collaborate to resolve the client's problem and offer streamlined solutions.

Visualize Performance

You might think you're doing customer support just right but do the statistics match your assumption? It's important to get regular reports on your customer service performance to determine any shortcomings and eradicate them accordingly.

For instance, you might be performing well on most metrics, but what about response time to customer queries?

Luckily for you, HelpSpace's built-in reporting module allows you to visualize the performance of your team and get an overview of all KPIs in one place. So now it's just a matter of taking action.

The report summary shows the following things:

  • Opened Tickets: The number of customer queries your team has opened.

  • Closed Tickets: The number of queries that your team has responded to and resolved successfully.

  • Waiting Tickets: The customer queries that haven’t been opened or acknowledged yet.

Using this information, you can set thresholds so that when a KPI falls below the desired level, you can prompt action before things get worse.

You can also use this report to identify any trends in performance, such as a peak in activity due to different types of queries. It might be worth re-training staff members if they're not coping well with specific requests.

Alternatively, you can use the insights for other goals like scheduling more people during peak hours.

Why HelpSpace?

Although there are plenty of customer support tools out there, HelpSpace takes the crown for being a practical option for marketing agencies.

While most other tools offer specialized services, HelpSpace is a culmination of everything you need to amp up your customer support.

Here are some of these features:

  • Widgets: The longer it takes your customers to find the place for getting support, the more irritated they’re bound to get. You can prevent this by putting visually appealing widgets on your website. Since the widgets are customizable, you can make them reflect your agency’s colors and theme.

  • Single Inbox: HelpSpace has a unified inbox for all your incoming customer queries. On the one hand, this lets you respond to all client queries in one place. On the other hand, it lets different teams collaborate to ensure the client gets the best solution.

  • Rules: Depending on the type of queries you get, you can set rules to deal with each question. For instance, you can categorize queries under separate tags or assign them to particular teams - whatever helps customers the most.


50% of the customers say they will switch to another brand or company after just a single bad experience. So, it just takes one act of neglect to drive the client away.

Being in the competitive marketing world, you cannot afford to lose even a single customer. Therefore, it’s best to opt for HelpSpace as your customer support software for seamless client satisfaction.

Photo by Merakist on Unsplash