HelpSpace vs. Intercom

By Eva
August 12, 2021
HelpSpace vs. Intercom

In today's time, keeping your customers happy is one of the most imperative business practices. Fortunately, customer support tools make it much easier to achieve this. 

Depending on the scale of their operations and budget, there are quite a few customer support softwares that businesses can use. Intercom and HelpSpace are two of these tools that have received a lot of positive feedback from users.

Intercom is an interactive customer communication software that enables 24/7 communication with customers through website chat, emails, and social media. 

Meanwhile, HelpSpace combines the capabilities of Intercom and HelpScout where it allows you to automatically capture all your incoming emails and turn them into an actionable customer database. 

Here's a comparison between HelpSapce and Intercom to help you decide which of the two is the right pick for your business. 

What is HelpSpace? 

HelpSpace is a customer support software designed for small to mid-scale businesses, which helps organizations manage and track issues, communicate with customers, and keep a record of any contact made. 

It has a ton of features that help you handle your support requests. Together, these features allow businesses to take care of their customers’ needs and queries. 

What Can You Do With HelpSpace?

HelpSpace is designed for businesses with moderate customer support needs. Here are some ways the tool makes customer support a breeze for you. 


Self-service documents improve customer support since they allow your customers to fix their problems themselves. 

Customers are frustrated and disappointed when they have to contact support - so it is your job as a business owner to remove the need for customers to reach out to you. 

Self-service documents help achieve this goal, allowing customers to fix their own issues with any product or service that you provide. 

HelpSpace lets you post everything from blogs, forums, and wikis, to contact widgets, customized according to the color palette of your brand. 

The Help Center is an information treasure chest for customers, where they can search for certain topics, categories, and queries.


It's important to get analytics about your customer support performance as it will help in improving your customer support. It will also help in increasing your sales by knowing how well you are handling the customers’ problems. 

HelpSpace allows you to see detailed analytics so that you can get a clear picture of your performance right from the number of tickets, time taken, response times, etc.

Unified Inbox 

HelpSpace also has a unified inbox for your customer support team. Therefore, the ‘tickets’ or customer questions come to one inbox from all channels. In this way, your team can deal with the problems together and solve customers' queries in a much better way. 

What is Intercom?

Intercom is a customer support tool like HelpSpace that allows businesses to respond to customer complaints using email, social networks, and live chat. 

Along with live chat, it also offers email messages, a help center, product tours, and apps. Intercom doesn’t only provide services for ecommerce but also for other businesses, such as financial services, healthcare, and education. 

Whether you are a small business at your early stage or an enterprise, Intercom has solutions for your needs. 

What Can You Do With Intercom?

Intercom is a hybrid tool that also includes services for marketing and business management. 

Business Management 

With Intercom’s business management, you can do the following: 

  • Conduct live chat 

  • Automate workflows using chatbots

  • Help customers in self-service 

  • Talk to customers across different platforms 

  • Deliver outbound messages through your app or website 

  • Personalize customer experiences 

Collaborative Inbox 

Owing to the collaborative inbox, your support team can personalize the customer experience and make sure they respond to all customer queries in the best way possible. 

Collect Customer Data 

Intercom also lets you integrate data from multiple channels and study the customer’s up-to-date history. Here are the kinds of data you can gather: 

  • Behavioral data 

  • Custom data 

  • Conversation data

  • Company data 

How is HelpSpace Better? 

HelpSpace is an ideal option for businesses that want to offer self-service solutions to their customers and not max out their support budget by investing in an exorbitantly priced tool. 

After all, your customer service team is one of the most precious assets you have. They are what keep your business running, and without them, you wouldn’t be able to make sure your clients are satisfied. 

With HelpSpace, they can deliver better support and make more money for your business while doing it.

HelpSpace has a very user-friendly interface that lets users manage their teams in a single dashboard. You can even personalize different workspaces to give each member of your support crew separate profiles so that they can focus on their roles exclusively. With customized widgets and self-service tools, there's no hassle or confusion about who does what.

How is Intercom Better? 

Intercom is a better option for businesses that want to combine their customer support offerings with business and marketing efforts. Moreover, it offers Bots and Live Chat, two features absent in HelpSpace. 

However, it’s also more expensive and isn’t ideal for businesses that may have multiple teams or need unlimited contacts. 

HelpSpace vs Intercom: Comparison Table 

Before choosing a customer support tool, it’s important to compare the two. Here’s a quick look at how both platforms compare to each other: 




Pricing (10 users)



Additional User



Additional Mailbox 






Docs Customization 



Ticket Management



Multi-Channel Communication



Automated Routing



Multiple Teams 



Final Verdict

Summing up, both Intercom and HelpSpace are impressive in their own ways but the former is better for larger businesses with more marketing and business management-related needs while the latter is a better pick for small to moderate businesses that require unified inboxes and self-service Doc sites. 

HelpSpace wins over Intercom in terms of pricing, being more than two times cheaper. 

Moreover, you get unlimited contacts and can add a Docs site for a minimal price. For us, HelpSpace is the clear winner here since it’s not only cheaper but also very functional for businesses of multiple sizes and customer bases.

Photo by NordWood Themes on Unsplash